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Mostly human penis is in a grow state at the age of 17 by latest and the mean length of an erectile penis is of approximately 13.12cm or 5.68 inch if a man having penis size below 13.12cm but greater than 10cm called below average penis, but if in case size is below 7cm (2.8inch) it’s a cause to worry about.

Isn’t it ridiculous people have a myth talking about the size of penis, how really does it matters in libido with your spouse, men really cares about their penis size because they feel having a small penis size is pretty embarrassing to thembut do women think about it? The answer is no; they only cares about to be satisfied by their partners.

If you have a penis size problem you may have probably noticed that it’s a quite interesting point to discuss it on net, fortunately only 10% of men suffering with it and the most drastic thing is they can’t dare to consult a doctor because of being embarrassed in the society. So without any hasitation meet Sex Specialist Dr. P.K. Gupta, He is Good Sexologist in Delhi or you can say Top Sexologist in Delhi and Best Sexologist in Delhi


There is not the best known cause of having a smaller penis size but a man having a blossom nurturing guidance at his child hood stage never have to suffer for it basically a lack of neutrinos and unhealthy diet results in impotency and lowpenis size problem. Which come Low Sex Desire, here we do low sex desire treatment in delhi

Penis size is the key element of a man’s self image. If you think that you have a small penis size, then diagnose the reason behind your small penis and get the safe and effective treatment at our Penis Enlargement Clinic in Delhi. Dr. P.K. Gupta, the Best Sex Specialist in Delhi will provide you complete treatment for the small penis.

Some believes so that it may be depends on your ancestors because of its inherence property.

Our penis consists of spongy erectile bodies that fill with blood as you arouses for erection. These fibrous cylinders are fixed to the pelvic shaft, and by virtue of being fixed to the pelvic shaft, they can’t be manipulated easily.


Solution to the problem ranges from manual exercise to stretching devices and surgical processto enhance the proper blood flow or blood pressure in the penis which can temporary decline the symptoms of impotency, there are some penis enhancer available in the market such as penis pump which sucks the air around you penis to develop a vacuum and helps to increase the blood pressure but for permanent solution you have to consult a sexologist for surgical procedure. But if you thinking about taking a pill or starts a stretching procedure let me remind you a fact only 5% got succeed to having their delighted result. I don’t say the best but the only ever lasting solution to the problem is surgery.

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